A range of pedagogies are used across the school to provide rigorous learning experiences. These range from explicit instruction in key areas of literacy and numeracy to broader play-based and inquiry learning pedagogies.

Junior Primary - Walker Learning

Walker Learning is a play and project-based holistic pedagogy, providing a unique balance between the children being active participants in their learning and explicit instruction.

Walker Learning develops

  • ‘Skills for life: developing children who can think for themselves and others, who can create and imagine, who are strong in their literacy and numeracy, and who can navigate the challenges of a changing Intrinsic motivation and a strength of character are derived from a strong sense of self and resilience’ and
  • ‘Skills for curriculum: skills for life work alongside curriculum skills of literacy, numeracy, the arts, science and other curriculum areas. These skills are placed within the context of individual interests, collective culture and communities of the children and their families.’

Collage, construction, drawing/writing, roleplay, reading, maths, tinkering, painting and carpentry areas all serve to promote important learning experiences that also support language, social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Year 3-7 Future-focussed Learning

The Future-focussed learning inquiry approaches develop students’ capacity to inquire through a range of 21st century fluencies – solution, media, information, collaboration and creativity. What does this look like in practice – take a look here…

All our learning takes place in a range of purposeful environments, outdoors and indoors.

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