Australian Curriculum

At Athelstone School we offer all 8 learning areas of the Australian Curriculum –

English, mathematics, science, history and social sciences, languages (Italian), technologies (digital and design), health and PE and the Arts

Along with these core learning areas the curriculum develops student capabilities in literacy, numeracy, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), critical and creative thinking, personal and social, ethical understanding and intercultural understandings

The three cross-curriculum priorities of sustainability, Aboriginal and Torrens Strait Islander Histories and Cultures and Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia are weaved through each learning area, ensuring relevance for modern Australia.

Science, Italian, PE and performing arts are offered as specialist learning areas.

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Students in R-2 have 50 minutes of science per week and students in years 3-7 100 minutes per week. Scientific knowledge, skills and understandings are introduced through biology, physics, chemistry and earth and space sciences.


Students engage with Italian for 100 minutes each week. Students learn how to communicate in Italian and learn how the Italian language works and the role of language and culture. Athelstone has a rich Italian heritage and this is highly valued in our curriculum.

The ILP Grant
In 2019 we were awarded $50000 to innovate for languages education in South Australia. Our Innovative Languages Program grant work is cutting edge and world class in the implementation of VR in a primary language class. You can find out more about this work through on the VR School Research blog.  


Students access 50 minutes per week of PE. A comprehensive program covers a range of sports and activities and is well resourced through the school sports grant program.

Performing Arts (music and drama)

Performing Arts is delivered to Reception – Year 2 students. The program supports oral language development and builds confidence in our youngest learners.

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