Learning Spaces


‘Balancing screen time with green time’ – With so much of a child’s time spent in front of screens, indoors, it is our aim to ensure children get their adequate intake of Vitamin D. Our custom-designed outdoor learning spaces are exactly what the doctor ordered.

Sunhaven Nature-Play

With a sheltered stage and seating area, adjacent learning pods, bush creek nature-play, frog pond and kitchen garden students can engage in a range of learning activities. Wifi connectivity is available, turning static consumption of blue light screens into active learning tools – capturing and sharing evidence of learning as they go.

We are exceptionally fortunate to be in the foothills, close to local reserves and linear park meaning that local excursions for a range of science, history and other outdoor learning activities can easily occur making for impactful learning experiences remembered long after primary school has finished.

Springfield Adventure-Play

Purposefully designed for swinging, climbing and hanging around.


Our indoor spaces are designed flexibly for the modern learner. Teachers are designing their spaces with their students in mind, using a combination of natural materials, flexible seating mean that collaborative group work or explicit teaching can occur at any time.

The Studio

The studio is a shared space for specialist science lessons and OSHC. A large, flexible space gives room for large experiments and active learning for STEM activities. A safe lab environment is created with high tables and stools with easy access to wet areas.

The John Poole Hall

Our school hall is a multi-purpose space. It is primarily used for specialist PE lessons but is also where we hold school assemblies, parent/teacher interviews, presentation evenings, many incursions and performances.

Resource Centre

Our welcoming school library is an extension to all other learning spaces in the school. It holds an expansive collection of fiction and non-fiction books to support not only the curriculum but to engage children in the love of reading. Students regularly visit the library to participate in resource-based learning and to borrow from the collection. Judy MacIntyre (teacher librarian) and Rosie Silverblade (library admin assistant) work closely together to provide learning resources to teachers and students alike.

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