Enrolling at Athelstone


Parents are invited to contact the school if they wish to discuss enrolment opportunities for children from Reception to year 6 in 2024.

From 2024 there will be 2 intakes for children entering reception: term 1 intake and a term 3 intake.

  • Children who start preschool in term 1 will start reception in term 1 of the following year and complete 4 terms of reception.
  • Children who start preschool in term 3 will start reception in term 3 of the following year and complete 6 terms of reception.

Use the starting school calculator to find out when children are eligible to start school.


School Tours

School Tours are conducted by the principal throughout the year.  Please contact the school directly to arrange a tour.

Transition Procedures

Athelstone School operates a transition program to support students’ continuity of learning from pre-school to school and from school to secondary school.
The pre-school to school transition program at Athelstone School invites children to participate in a program of visits over a three-week period in November of the year prior to starting school or in the case of mid-year transitions, in July, the term prior to enrolment. Transition procedures for mid-year enrolments are yet to be finalised.

Your child must be at school by their sixth birthday – this is the compulsory school starting age.

Parents are invited to enrol their child(ren) at school as soon after their third birthday as possible. Please complete the Reception Registration of Interest form.

Secondary school transition processes are managed by the Department for Education via an online process. Locally, our students participate in a senior school forum to support their transition. This is coordinated by our assistant principal for wellbeing, our pastoral care worker and year 6 and/or year 7 teaching staff.

Secondary school transition visits to Department for Education schools usually take place in early December.

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