Innovation for Learning

‘Success for all’

When we focus on innovation for learning we acknowledge that we are creating learning environments that meet the needs of all learners.

Staff are committed to providing learning experiences that are future-focussed, in that they develop the capabilities and knowledges required for to succeed in rapidly changing contexts. We work with the latest research in education, cognitive science and neuroscience to provide the latest in instructional methods and approaches with a balance between explicit teaching of knowledge and skills and application of these through student inquiry into their world.

We encourage creativity and pursuit of passion in learning – this has seen us establish our Robotica teams, our Verde group and clubs for chess and Dungeons and Dragons.

Our Innovative Languages Program work is cutting edge and world class in the implementation of VR in a primary language class. You can find out more about this work through our research partner, Erica Southgate’s blog

Children can also pursue a range of other learning opportunities through our partnership with Children’s University

You can read more about Innovation for Learning in our strategic plan

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