Thursday 22nd October

Year 7 students attended the forum to present their projects for 2020 which included the frog pond development. Here are a few highlights of the process that we went through:

‘We cleared out the area, removing bushes and other plants as well as raking the weeds and gumnuts away. We then started to dig as deep as possible before the ground got too hard. We then got a local land care person (Marc) from Campbelltown Landcare Group to come out with a shovel and dig a bit deeper where the pond liner insert was to be placed. A plastic liner was placed across the whole section, secured by rocks – this created a ‘boggy’ section for reeds to grow in. Dirt was placed over the liner and 450 plants (planted by the whole school) were transplanted into that section. We bought a sleeper, which was securely fixed across the pond as a footbridge so that kids can walk across the pond and have a look into it. Once this was complete we filled up the pond and placed metal mesh over the area so that no one would fall in and the frogs would be safe from any predators. Water plants such as lily pads and duck weed were placed in the pond as food and a welcoming habitat for frogs. The duck weed also acts as a filter and reduces evaporation. We started the frog pond because we wanted to make a good habitat for local frogs and tadpoles, we also want to keep our nearby kitchen garden healthy as frogs will eat the insects and other pests that eat the plants in the garden.  Another good thing about the frog pond area is that it is a great learning environment where teachers can take their students and teach them about frogs, their life cycles and habitats instead of learning about them on screen. It is a nice area where we can do normal classwork too!  Thank-you Green Adelaide for the $2000 grant which helped to make this project possible.’