The Arts

Students have the opportunity to participate in choir, band and instrumental music programs. There are currently over 120 students involved in these programs. Students perform at the Festival Theatre, the Aboda Festival and our Annual Performing Arts Gala Night in addition to other internal school events. Music, visual arts, drama and media arts are integrated into the classroom program with opportunities for showcasing student achievements at assemblies, concerts and special events.


School Music Program

The school offers an instrumental music program during school time. Private providers offer lessons in a range of instruments including flute, trombone, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, keyboard, piano, guitar and percussion. Approximately 120 students take advantage of this highly successful program.

Musical Instruments

Students can hire musical instruments through the school.  Please refer to the Music Information Booklet available from the Front Office.


Children in Years 3-7 are invited to apply to join the Schools Instrumental Ensemble (Band). The school band has achieved a high profile in the community performing at at Gala Night, school assemblies, in the Aboda Festival and at the Festival Theatre Foyer concerts.

School Choir

The Senior choir is trained by Sharon Raymond. The Senior Choir participates in Gala Night, other school events and The Festival of Music. Our Senior Choir has also achieved a high profile in the community, maintaining an ‘A’ rating for the past three years.

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