Frog Blog

Welcome to the Athelstone School ‘Frog Blog’, a place for us to regularly share some more of what is happening inside your school.

Our Frog Blog gets its name from the frog pond established in 2020. The pond is that marshy area sitting between the kitchen garden and the Sunhaven Nature Play areas.

Every student has put their mark on the pond area by planting the surrounding pond flora. It is a welcome addition to our school grounds and an important aspect to our focus on outdoor learning and science programs.

Of course, you will see much more than stories about the frog pond in the frog blog. So bookmark the page, hit refresh and find out more about your school!

August 2021 – Nesting Boxes

Nesting boxes installed. Students have been constructing and painting nesting boxes since June. This month, with support from James from FauNature they are now in the trees at school and in the nearby reserve. We are looking forward to seeing what takes up...

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