Parents and caregivers have the option to make school payments over the internet, using the BPOINT online payment system.  BPOINT accepts payments using your Visa Card, Mastercard or Debit Card.


Please read the instructions below before proceeding with your payment;

  • Enter your family ID from the school invoice or statement or enter your child’s name.
  • Enter your family name.
  • Enter a description of the payment eg. School fees / excursion (include the invoice no. if you have one).
  • Enter the payment amount.
  • Select the icon matching your card type (Mastercard or Visa).
  • Enter your credit card details; card number, expiry date and cvv (3 digit code on the reverse of your card).
  • Select the proceed button.
  • Your payment will be processed and the receipt information will be displayed.
  • Please ensure that once the transaction is complete that a copy of the receipt or the transaction number is recorded for your personal records.

To make a payment, select the BPOINT link below.

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